“Fantastic… You do it all and you do it so well!”
Bert Newton, TV Celebrity, Good Morning Australia, Family Feud, Top 100, Melbourne


Introducing the one spectacle that generates huge publicity, enthralls and captivates entire audiences stimulates emotions of fear, anxiety and suspense. Presenting “Escapology” performed by TONY LAFFAN - ESCAPE ARTIST.

Within the private and exclusive fraternity of the Magic Society, Tony has mastered the ‘arts’ best-kept and inner secrets of ‘Escapology’.

Having experienced nerve-wracking white water rafting, parachuting, abseiling and bungy jumping, Tony’s love for the natural buzz from adrenaline led him in the direction of life threatening escapes. Tony is established as one of the country’s top performers in this exceptionally daring and dangerous field of escapology.

The escape artist is the King of Magicians. He is the only performer in magic bestowed the title of “Artist”. Tony brings the art of escapology to modern day audiences in the true tradition of entertainment.

TONY LAFFAN - ESCAPE ARTIST performs precarious but calculated escapes not just attempting to escape from the cold gleaming steel chains and locks, but also death. His list of successful death defying escapes include the harrowing Houdini Water Torture Cell, Houdini’s Milk Can Escape and the Straight Jacket Escape whilst suspended 50 feet in the air. Tony has also performed what could become Australia’s greatest escape. He was chained to the tracks of a Rollercoaster and had a mere 95 seconds to escape before the Carriages ran over him. It’s folklore now, but Tony escaped literally with just a few seconds to spare!

Every time an artist performs an escape, he is covered by the cloak of Houdini. “He is present every time we perform an escape. His reputation is the very yard stick that we all use to measure our performance.”

You are the only one that holds the key to have TONY LAFFAN - ESCAPE ARTIST attempt to escape for your next special event.



TONY LAFFAN - Comedy Magician
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The harrowing Aerial Straight Jacket Escape is an incredible escape to witness and one of Tony Laffan’s specialties. It is an amazing act of courage, determination and control to successfully complete this feat.

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Imagine being sealed inside a water filled can without air and in complete darkness. Tony Laffan voluntarily does this twisting and trashing until he escapes free from the ‘Houdini Milk Can’ filled with water in one of the most famous escapes of all time.

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